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There are many variables in pricing a puppy.
First, is it show quality or pet quality.
- Show quality means that the puppy has no flaws, at the time of sale, that would prevent it from completing its championship with AKC.
- Pet quality means that the puppy has some flaw(s) that MIGHT prevent it from finishing a championship. This would also be a pup that the breeder feels would be unsuitable for future breeding purposes.
ANY puppy sold by a reputable breeder should be healthy.  Whether a puppy is meant to be a show prospect or a loving companion, it should be healthy.
(an examples could be too much color or, too much color in the wrong place, another flaw would be improper coat texture).
Show quality puppies will be sold for $500 under the following circumstances:
- Males: $500 + future         breeding rights. OR $750 w/o.
- Females: $500 + a return puppy OR $750 w/o.
These options are not available to out of the state buyer's.

Pet puppies will be sold for $350 on a spay/neuter contract.